Virtual Rooms as a useful tool for making trading transactions

How to implement Date Virtual Rooms into M&A deals successfully and what are the crucial benefits of its use. 

Trading deals and its specifics

Trading transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can include up to several thousand pages of documents that need to be stored, exchanged with customers, read, worked with and tracked their movement, which is not only laborious, but also an expensive process.

Virtual Data Room and its benefits

Virtual Data Room (VDR) technology allows you to create an online workspace that replaces the traditional conference room filled with boxes of documents. Virtual Data Room provides its users with a way to provide clients and other third parties with important documents and control access to them, eliminating the need to fiddle with folders filled with paper documents and scanned versions of documents in various email addresses or stored on CDs.

Over the past five years, online data room services for M&A and related transactions have increased from 5 percent to 50 percent. virtual data room reviews annual growth of 200 to 300 percent, not only in terms of user growth, but also in revenue.

What used to take several months and cost a few felled trees can now be done in a matter of days. Documents are online and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection; in addition, no one needs to go to the place where they previously prepared documents for legal and other checks; it is also not necessary to provide personal control that documents are not taken out, not copied, or everything that is necessary available to visitors. Saving costs also means saving time in situations where participants go on a business trip and only then find out on the spot that the required documents are not available there.

Using documents in a data room has great security guarantees. Participants in the operation must register in the data room by entering their password, and also have different access rights to documents: some can download the document, and some can only read on the screen (without editing functions). Some people with access to the data room will only be able to, for example, read the document on the Internet, but will not be able to print or download it, or will only be able to download it with a watermark. This means that the person who provides the documents for viewing will not have to physically monitor the movement of the documents – the program will take care of everything.

Since the documents never physically leave the room, they cannot be lost. In addition, even after several years, it will be easy to restore data from the data room, as well as check who and when got acquainted with what documents during due diligence.

All in all, is a controlled space where rules based on the consent to access of users of each of the parties to the transaction are used. The use of security codes allows you to deny access if the client refuses the transaction or other changes occur.

VDR allows you to control access, copy, view and print. You can also set time limits for viewing a document and the period of access to the system. All information can be edited, added or deleted at any time.

VDR opens up a global market for you without the need for face-to-face meetings and sending paper documents.